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Reviews for Kingshill Insurance Services

Testimonials for Kingshill Insurance Services

Kelly D

Steve Stowell is the best! I switched over to him around 3 years ago. He handles all 3 of my vehicles, my home and condo insurance. He shops for the best prices without sacrificing in service!

Traci V

Traci V

Steve Stowell at Kingshill Insurance Services is awesome!  Steve did an amazing job insuring our cars , house and travel trailer saving us money and providing excellent coverage! Highly recommend Steve Stowell for all your insurance needs!!

John B

John B

Steve is great at what he does. As a business owner I have had several insurance agents handle my insurance needs. With everything that I have going on with my business, Insurance is not something I think of on a regular basis. I just don't have time. When I do have a question, he is available and gets me the answers I am looking for.

Steve is the first insurance agent I have ever experienced that actually reviews my insurance policies without me asking. He makes sure I am getting the best coverage for the best price every year. He has called me in the past to inform me that my current insurance rates have gone up and he found a better plan for less. That is service.

I have a couple of insurance policies that I did not get through Steve. I have had him review these policies and get me a quote to see if he could do better. He is so honest that he has told me that those policies are good and I should keep them. I don't plan on ever changing insurance agents.

Thank you Steve for saving me money and making sure I'm covered so I sleep better at night.

John M. Bair, D.C.
Bair Chiropractic Center
Yorba Linda, CA

Stuart P

We turned our homeowners, earthquake, property, and umbrella policies over to Dan. The reason? Dan educates; he doesn't sell.

Buying insurance can be like buying a new car: the only person with all the information is the seller! With Dan, however, he's transparent. Educating the client is his number one priority. If that means losing a sale, he's willing to do it because his moral compass guides every aspect of his business.

Think I'm overstating it? Give him a call, and see for yourself. My pillow has been much more comfortable since we made the move 4 years ago.

Ronald S

Excellent customer service my Broker was able to save me money on both my home and car insurance and advised me to take a online driver course to get a better discount on my car insurance at minimal cost which was greatly appreciated.

Ronald S., customer since 2018

Mike M

Steve made it easy and quality coverage, at a great price.

Mike M., customer since 2017