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A.I.G Transport Truck Insurance Group
Phone: 800-426-3168
Fax: 866-797-1077
24-hour line: 800-241-2541
Email: "atlpcnewloss [at] aig [dot] com" atlpcnewloss [at] aig [dot] com

AIG Personal Accident Claims Department
Phone: (800) 551-0824
Fax: (866) 893-8574
Mailing Address:
Personal Accident Claims Department
PO Box 25987
Shawnee Mission, KS 66225

AIG (Chartis) Primary Claims- Workers Compensation
Phone: (877)399-6442
Workers Compensation Dr. list-

AIG Aerospace

Phone: (800)523-5266
Email: "aerospaceclaimsphoenix [at] aig [dot] com " aerospaceclaimsphoenix [at] aig [dot] com

Phone: 800-982-9826
Fax: 678-795-4081
24-hour line: 800-823-9254
Property Claim Fax: 215-640-5057
E-Mail: "ACEClaimsFirst Notice [at] acegroup [dot] com" ACEClaimsFirst%20Notice [at] acegroup [dot] com
Irwin Siegel ACE Addictive Treatment & Behavioral Healthcare Program
Auto, GL, & Property
Phone: 866-568-1834
Fax: 800-763-7376
Email: "irwinsiegel [at] firstnotice [dot] com" irwinsiegel [at] firstnotice [dot] com
Mail: ACE USA Claims, PO Box 5105, Scranton, PA 18505-0518
Fax: 877-746-4641
Email: "aceclaimsfirstnotice [at] acegroup [dot] com" aceclaimsfirstnotice [at] acegroup [dot] com
Profesional Liability
Mail: ACE USA Claims, PO Box 25158, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002
Fax: 866-201-7391
Email: "medicalriskfirstnotice [at] acegroup [dot] com" medicalriskfirstnotice [at] acegroup [dot] com

AFC Insurance
Phone: 866-536-4246
After hours: 800-931-9646
Fax: 877-650-1284
Follow Up: 877-873-9972
Email: preferred reporting: "claims [at] afcins [dot] com" claims [at] afcins [dot] com
Auto Claims: See York Risk

A.I.G. Student Accident
Phone: 800-551-0824
Fax: 866-893-8574

All Risks
Phone: (877)275-9578
Fax: (410)741-3265
Email: "clmrpt [at] allrisks [dot] com " clmrpt [at] allrisks [dot] com

Allstar Financial
See National Transportation Adjustors

Phone: 800-255-7828
Fax: 866-447-4293

American Bankers Insurance
Phone: 800-360-2277
Fax: 856-755-7440

American Collectors Insurance
Phone: 800-360-2277
Fax: 856-755-7440

American Commerce
Reporting Phone: 1-877-224-5677
Follow Up Phone: 1-877-224-5677
Fax: 508-949-9530
Email: "claims [at] commercewest [dot] net" claims [at] commercewest [dot] net

American European
By Email: "firstreporting [at] aeiginsurance [dot] com" firstreporting [at] aeiginsurance [dot] com
By Phone:1-800-541-1728
By Fax: 1-856-779-0719
Alternate Fax:1-856-779-6906
Mail: P.O. Box B, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0013

American Millennium Insurance Company
Phone: (973) 628-6060
Fax: (973) 628-6070
Email: "amicclaims [at] citadelrisk [dot] com " amicclaims [at] citadelrisk [dot] com
American Property Insurance Company
Phone: 848-208-2000
Fax: 848-456-4576
Email: "claims [at] api-nj [dot] com" claims [at] api-nj [dot] com

American Underwriters
Phone: (770) 874-0486 ext 3274 (Joe Cason)
Fax: (770) 874-0490
Vanliner- Marcia Hacker- (800) 325-3619 option A
Vanliner Direct fax # (636) 326-0403

Amerihealth Casualty
Phone: (800) 335-5972-PA
Fax: (866) 441-5329
Phone: (866)441-5326
Email: "aida [dot] castro [at] ahcasualty [dot] com" aida [dot] castro [at] ahcasualty [dot] com

AmTrust North America
Reporting Phone: (866) 272-9267
Follow Up Phone: (800) 777-2249
Fax: (877) 669-9140
Email: "anaclaimsreporting [at] amtrustgroup [dot] com" anaclaimsreporting [at] amtrustgroup [dot] com
Workers Compensation
Phone: (866) 272-9267
Follow Up Phone: (888) 239-3909
Fax: (775) 908-3724 or (877) 669-9140
Email: "amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com" amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com
WC Providers List:

Andover Co.
"FirstReport [at] Andovercos [dot] com" FirstReport [at] Andovercos [dot] com
Agent #1305
User name: normar
p/w: paloma
Phone: (800) 225-0770
Fax: (800) 323-5112
*We can assign adj co-chose Decker & Associates – (973)258-9300

Anglo American Brokerage
Phone: 973-239-7000
Fax: 973-239-0708

Phone: (202) 429-8586
Fax: (847)-953-2651

Applied Underwriters
Phone: (877) 234-4420
Fax: (877) 234-4425

Arch Insurance Company/ Partners Specialty Group/ Sedgwick CMS- Trucking claims
Phone: 800-457-7074
Fax: 800.942.9862
Email: "customercare [at] ufac-claims [dot] com" customercare [at] ufac-claims [dot] com

ARI Insurance Companies
133 Franklin Cov.
Lawrenceville, NJ
Phone: (800) 820-4506
Fax: (800) 314-7636
24 hour line: (800) 820-4506
Email: "ari [dot] claims [at] amtrustgroup [dot] com" ari [dot] claims [at] amtrustgroup [dot] com

Atlantic Risk
Phone: (201) 661-2307
Fax: (201) 661-7820
Melissa Peligra
E: "mpiligra [at] arspecialists [dot] com" mpiligra [at] arspecialists [dot] com
Fax: (201) 661-7820 Via E-Mail: "claims [at] arspecialists [dot] com" claims [at] arspecialists [dot] com

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Burn & Wilcox
Phone: 888-855-5056
Fax: 973-630-0946

Bob McCloskey Insurance (BMI)
Phone: (800)445-3126
Email: "bmicustomerservice [at] bobmccloskey [dot] com " bmicustomerservice [at] bobmccloskey [dot] com

Bollinger Specialty Group
Phone: (866)267-0092
Claim Form:

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Camden Fire Insurance
Phone: 908-766-8640
Fax: 908-766-8643
24-hour line: 877-248-4968

Phone: (800) 452-6911
Fax: (864) 679-2518
Email: "claims [dot] email [at] canal-ins [dot] com " claims [dot] email [at] canal-ins [dot] com

Cardigan General Insurance Services
Phone: (877) 353-8672
Fax: (818) 449-9099
Email: "claims [at] cardiganclaims [dot] com" claims [at] cardiganclaims [dot] com
Mailing: 6320 Canoga Ave., 12th Fl.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Carolina Casualty
Phone: 800-874-8054 or 904-363-0900
Fax: 866-655-9316

Chubb Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 252-4670
WC Phone: (800) 699-9916
Reporting Fax: (800) 300-2538
Rush Fax: (757) 222 4013
24-hour line: (800) 252-4670
When sending add’l info to Chubb after claim is already reported:
Upload directly to claim file:
Eastern Claim Service Center
Address: PO Box 4700, Chesapeake, VA 23327
Overnight or UPS Address: 600 Independence Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Auto Fax: (800)664-0987
Property Fax: (800)664-5358
Casualty, Environmental, WC & All Others Fax: (800)664-1765
Specialty Lines of Business:
D&O, E&O, EPL and Fidelity
Address: 82 Hopmeadow St., Simsbury, CT 06070-7683
Fax: (855)842-1349
Reporting New Claims: "specialtyclaims [at] chubb [dot] com " specialtyclaims [at] chubb [dot] com

Clarendon National Insurance
Phone: 800-848-1777
Fax: 201-368-8690

Citizens Insurance Company of America
Phone: (800) 628-0250
Fax: (800) 399-4732
24 hour line: (800) 628-0250
Towing and Glass Claims
Phone: (800) 369-4527
Platinum Claim Service: 800-799-6977
Email: "firstreport [at] hanover [dot] com" firstreport [at] hanover [dot] com

Phone: (877)262-2727
Email: "lossreport [at] cnaasap [dot] com " lossreport [at] cnaasap [dot] com

Commerce & Industry (AIG)
WC Claims Phone: (877)399-6442
Special Reporting for Longshoreman’s WC Claims:
The insured has to complete and submit an LS-202 form to the US Department of Labor:
US Department of Labor
Office of Workers’ Compensation Program
201 Varick St., Room 740
Post Office Box 249
New York, NY 10014-0249
The LS-202 form also needs to be emailed or faxed to the company:
Email: "easternwcnewloss [at] aig [dot] com " easternwcnewloss [at] aig [dot] com
Fax: 866-420-1404
Additional reporting info:

Companion Property & Casualty Insurance
Phone: (800) 335-5972
Fax: (888) 636-7725
After hours: (800) 393-7196
W/C (800) 335-5972
NJ Office- (856)380-6550 Phone
(866)441-5329 Fax
If written through Allstar Financial
Fax: 243-542-1042
Phone: 855-604-9178
Email: RIS-claims [at] RISholdings [dot] com

Cowles & Connell ****CLAIMS ARE REPORTED TO RPS NOW***
Claims Phone: (800) 842-8352
Phone: (609) 261-0239
Fax: (609) 265-1063
Email: "sbrennan [at] cowlesconnell [dot] com" sbrennan [at] cowlesconnell [dot] com

Crum & Forster
Phone: (800)690-5520
Fax: (877) 622-6191
Auto Physical Damage: "autonol [at] cfins [dot] com" autonol [at] cfins [dot] com
Liability: "liabilitynol [at] cfins [dot] com" liabilitynol [at] cfins [dot] com
Property: "propertynol [at] cfins [dot] com" propertynol [at] cfins [dot] com
Umbrella: "umbrellanol [at] cfins [dot] com" umbrellanol [at] cfins [dot] com
Management & Professional Liability: "mapsnol [at] cfins [dot] com" mapsnol [at] cfins [dot] com
Product Recall: "coverxclaims [at] coverx [dot] com" coverxclaims [at] coverx [dot] com
Marine & Energy: "liabilitynol [at] cfins [dot] com" liabilitynol [at] cfins [dot] com

Trucking Claims handled by: Fire Star
Phone: (800) 444-8474
Email 1st report: "carol [dot] reeves [at] 5starsp [dot] com" carol [dot] reeves [at] 5starsp [dot] com
Other claims
Phone: (212) 232-5500
Email 1st report- "danequa [dot] george [at] crumpins [dot] com" danequa [dot] george [at] crumpins [dot] com

Cumberland Insurance Company
633 Shilon Pike
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Phone: (800) 232-6992
Fax: (856) 391-1328
Or "claims [at] cumberlandgroup [dot] com" claims [at] cumberlandgroup [dot] com
After hours- NJ& PA (866)794-6398
Del& Md (866)794-6399

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D.C. White Agency
Phone: 800-432-6608
Fax: 404-473-1650
24-hour line: 800-521-6155

Delos/ Starr Indemnity
First Reports through:
North American Risk Services Fax- (866)261-8507
Phone- (800)315-6090
"reportaclaim [at] narisk [dot] com" reportaclaim [at] narisk [dot] com
Student Accident:
Handled by Health Special Risk, HSRI
Phone: (866)345-0974
Website for claim forms: under STARR- Special Risk

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Encompass Insurance
721 US Hwy 202-206, Ste. 330
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Phone: 1-800-588-7400
First reports: Fax: (866) 286-5221
Fax tow bills: (732)951-6001

Essex Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 326-7535
"newclaims [at] markelcorp [dot] com" newclaims [at] markelcorp [dot] com

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Farm Family
Phone: 24-Hour Claims Reporting (800) 948-3276
To report a Life Insurance or Disability Income Insurance claim please call (800) 833-3422.
To report a Workers' Compensation claim, please call (877) 383-7019.

Federal Insurance Company (Chubb)
Federal Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 252-4670
Fax: (800) 300-2538
24-hour line: (800) 252-4670
*See Chubb

Fidelity Mohawk Insurance Company
Phone: 973-948-3120
*See Franklin Mutual

Fidelity National Property & Casualty
Phone: 800-725-9472
Fax: 877-270-4329

Firemans Fund Insurance Company
Phone: 800-474-2526

First Mercury Insurance Company
Phone: (800)762-6837
Fax: (248)357-5036
Email: "claimsfax [at] firstmercury [dot] com" claimsfax [at] firstmercury [dot] com

Franklin Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: (973) 948-3120
Fax: (973) 948-7190
24 hour line: (800) 842-0551 (option 4)

Foremost Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 527-3907 (24 hours)
Fax: (877) 452-3957
Business Claims Email: "mybusiness [dot] claim [at] foremost [dot] com" mybusiness [dot] claim [at] foremost [dot] com

Freberg Environmental
Phone: (303) 534 1171
Fax: (303) 623 8101
Phone: 800-377-4152 ex. 2124
Fax: (800)748-6159
Email: "kblodgett [at] feiinsurance [dot] com" kblodgett [at] feiinsurance [dot] com

FTP, Inc.
Phone: (732) 679-3700 x 321
Fax: (732) 679-6928
Personal Auto: (201) 729-0200
Send Claims to:
Colleen Ocello: "cocello [at] ftpins [dot] com" cocello [at] ftpins [dot] com
Nicole Moschitta: "nmoschitta [at] ftpins [dot] com" nmoschitta [at] ftpins [dot] com
Fax Number (732) 679-6928

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Germantown Insurance Company
Phone: 800-269-1409
Fax: (215) 627-8871
Email: "clams [at] contributionship [dot] com" clams [at] contributionship [dot] com

G & G Underwriters
First Reports through:
North American Risk Services Fax- (866)261-8507
Phone- (800)315-6090
Email: "reportaclaim [at] narisk [dot] com" reportaclaim [at] narisk [dot] com

1065 Five Points Rd
West Chester, PA 19382
Phone: 1-800-608-1010
Fax: (610) 692-2280

Gowrie Group (Gowrie, Barden & Brett)
Phone: 800.262.8911 to report or discuss your claim (after hours, press option #6, and you will reach our live 24/7 customer service center).
Fax: (860) 399-3696
Email: "deneceh [at] gowrie [dot] com" deneceh [at] gowrie [dot] com

Granite State Insurance Company
Claims under policies issued by Granite State Insurance Company, New Hampshire Insurance Company or Illinois National Insurance Company may be reported to:
E-mail: "yorkclaimsintake [at] york-claims [dot] com " yorkclaimsintake [at] york-claims [dot] com
Fax: 973-404-1040
Telephone: 1-866-391-9675 (YORK)
Claims under general liability policies issued by Lexington Insurance Company may be reported to:
E-mail: "lexgeneralliability [at] chartisinsurance [dot] com" lexgeneralliability [at] chartisinsurance [dot] com
Fax: 1(866) 542-8028

Granite State Insurance Company / Irwin Siegel Agency
Phone: Follow up: (877)873-9972
24 Hr. Line: (866)216-1489
Fax: (866)477-3609
Email: "irwinsiegelclaims [at] aig [dot] com " irwinsiegelclaims [at] aig [dot] com

Great Northern Insurance Company
Fax: (800) 300-2538
24-hour line: (800) 252-4670
*See Chubb

Greater New York Insurance Company (GNY)
377 Summerhill Rd
E. Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone NJ Office: (732) 238-6300 - liability
Phone NY Office: (212)683-9700 – property
Property Claims
Email: "propertyclaims [at] gny [dot] com" propertyclaims [at] gny [dot] com
Fax: 212-532-8018
After Hours: 855-276-1271
Workers Compensation Claims
Email: "MacdonaldP [at] us [dot] innovation-group [dot] com" MacdonaldP [at] us [dot] innovation-group [dot] com
Fax: 866-853-8465
Email: "LiabClaimNJ [at] gny [dot] com" LiabClaimNJ [at] gny [dot] com
Fax: 732-238-3781
Phone: 732-2538-6300

Great American Insurance Company
Truck & Physical Damage
Phone: (800) 297-1971
Fax: (877) 335-8910
24-hour line: (800) 297-1971
Email: "wriemen [at] gaig [dot] com" wriemen [at] gaig [dot] com

Inland Marine & Property
Phone: (800) 584-0835
Fax: (800) 811-4751
Email: "jschaad [at] gaig [dot] com" jschaad [at] gaig [dot] com & "pimclaims [at] gaig [dot] com" pimclaims [at] gaig [dot] com

Grisham & Associates

Phone: (770) 389-1600 or (800) 241-5677
Fax: (770) 389-0433
Email: "claims [at] greshaminc [dot] com" claims [at] greshaminc [dot] com
Terri Russell, Claims Manager: "trussell [at] greshaminc [dot] com" trussell [at] greshaminc [dot] com
Tessa Cochran, Claims Assistant: "tcochran [at] greshaminc [dot] com" tcochran [at] greshaminc [dot] com

Grundy Agency

Phone: (800) 338-4005

Guarantee Insurance Company
Report Phone: (866)479-1554
Follow Up Phone: 877-886-4334
Fax: (321)206-4525
Email: "claims [at] patnat [dot] com" claims [at] patnat [dot] com

Guard Insurance Group
Reporting/ 24 hour line: (888) 639-2567
Claims Department: (800)673-2465
Email: "claims3 [at] guard [dot] com " claims3 [at] guard [dot] com

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Hanover Insurance Company
Hanover New Jersey Insurance
Phone: (800) 628-0250
Fax: (800) 399-4734
24-hour line: (800) 628-0250
Email: "firstreport [at] hanover [dot] com" firstreport [at] hanover [dot] com
Towing and Glass Claims
Phone: (800) 369-4527
Workers Compensation Claims
Fax: (800) 762-7788
WC Email- "WCNEWLOSSES [at] hanover [dot] com " WCNEWLOSSES [at] hanover [dot] com

Hartford Insurance Company
Phone: Agent first report (800) 327-3636
Fax: (866) 861-2513
24-hour line: (800) 327-3636
Inland Marine: Phone: (800) 585-0722
Fax: (800) 347 8197
W/C – customers 1st
Financial Products
Phone: 212-277-0414
Fax: 212-277-0945
Email: "HFPclaims [at] thehartford [dot] com" HFPclaims [at] thehartford [dot] com


Harleysville Insurance

Phone: (800)892-8877
Fax: (800)441-4118
Flood Phone: (800)421-3535
Email: "fnol [at] harleysvillegroup [dot] com " fnol [at] harleysvillegroup [dot] com
Report Online:

Hartford Steam Boiler
Phone: (888) 472-5677
Fax: (888) 329-5677
Email: "new_loss [at] hsb [dot] com" new_loss [at] hsb [dot] com

PH: 866-424-8508 (please have your policy number on hand when calling)
Fax: (212)922-9652
Email: "HiscoxClaims [at] hiscox [dot] com" HiscoxClaims [at] hiscox [dot] com
520 Madison Ave. 32nd Fl.
New York, NY

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IFA- report thru website or fax
Phone: (732) 815-2105, 1877-432-2277
Fax: (732) 815-1779
Email: "claims [at] ifaauto [dot] com" claims [at] ifaauto [dot] com

Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania

Phone: (800) 426-3168
Fax: (866) 797-1077

Insurance Company of the West
Phone: (877)442-9669
Fax: (858)436-8916
Email: "FirstNotice [at] icwgroup [dot] com " FirstNotice [at] icwgroup [dot] com
Mail: First Notice of Loss
PO Box 509039
San Diego, CA 92150-9039

Phone: (800) 606-0621
Fax: (866) 606-0620

Interstate Insurance Mgmt
Phone: (800) 452-0297
Fax: (814) 255-6010
Email: "claims [at] interstate-insurance [dot] com" claims [at] interstate-insurance [dot] com

Interstate Mtr Carriers
Phone: (732) 431-5100
Fax: (732) 431-4753

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Phone: (800) 334-0474
Fax: (201) 573-8820
Email: "claims [at] jimcor [dot] com" claims [at] jimcor [dot] com

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Knight Management Insurance Services
(888) 333-8198 toll-free
(323) 954-5330 via fax
"kmisclaims [at] knightcompany [dot] com " kmisclaims [at] knightcompany [dot] com

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Lancer Management Company
24 hour line: (800) 521-6155
Phone: (440)473-1634
Fax: (440) 473-1650

Landmark American Ins. (RSUI Group)
Phone: 800-818-5619
Fax: 404-231-3755
Email: "reportclaims [at] rsui [dot] com" reportclaims [at] rsui [dot] com

Lexington Insurance (an AIG Company)
Phone: (800)931-9546
Email: lexprimaryfnol [at] aig [dot] com
Healthcare Liability Claims
Fax: (877)430-5356
Email: "healthcareFNOL [at] aig [dot] com " healthcareFNOL [at] aig [dot] com

Liberty Insurance Corporation
Liberty Mutual Group
Phone: 1-800-225-2467
Fax: (603)422-0105

Liberty Mutual – Commercial Claims
Phone: 800 362 0000
Email: "clclaimreports [at] libertymutual [dot] com" clclaimreports [at] libertymutual [dot] com

Lincoln General Insurance
3501 Concord Rd
York, PA 17402
Phone: (800) 395-7489
Fax: (717) 751-0144

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Magna Carta – See Public Service Mutual
Phone: 888-663-7275
Fax: 888-860-6294
"claims [at] mcarta [dot] com" claims [at] mcarta [dot] com

Marine Underwriters
Phone: (800) 631-2147
Fax: (800) 548-0501
Email: "claims [at] marineunderwriters [dot] com" claims [at] marineunderwriters [dot] com

Phone: (800)362-7535
Email: "newclaims [at] markelcorp [dot] com " newclaims [at] markelcorp [dot] com

Massachusetts Bay Company
Phone: (800) 628-0250
Fax: (800) 399-4732
24-hour line: (800) 628-0250
*See Andover

Mercer/ United Fire Group
Phone: (800) 223-0534
Fax: (888)514-9190
Email: "NewClaims [at] UnitedFireGroup [dot] com" NewClaims [at] UnitedFireGroup [dot] com
Mailing Address:
United Fire Group
PO Box 73909
Cedar Rapids, IA 52407-3909

Mercury Insurance Group
Phone: (888) 313-6372
Fax: (866) 430-3311

Metcom Excess - ***All Claims to be Reported to RPS****

Phone: (800) 521-1717
Fax: (201) 641-6566
Email: "claims [at] metcomexcess [dot] com" claims [at] metcomexcess [dot] com
Coleen McCloskey 201-853-1370 "cmramadan [at] metcomexcess [dot] com" cmramadan [at] metcomexcess [dot] com

Phone: (800) 854-6011
Phone- Glass: (800)842-0830
Fax: (866)743-1546

Morstan General Agency
Phone: (516)488-4747
Fax: (516)302-8050
Claims are handled in the Long Island office
"hrivera [at] morstan [dot] com" hrivera [at] morstan [dot] com
Phone: (516) 488-4747 Ext: 3226
Fax: (516) 302-8050

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National Casualty Company(Scottsdale, RPS Ins-Yanoff Companies)
Phone: (800)423-7675 opt. 1
Email: "SICReportALoss [at] Scottsdaleins [dot] com " SICReportALoss [at] Scottsdaleins [dot] com

National Continental Insurance Company
Phone: (440) 461-5000
Fax: (888) 228-8751
*See Progressive

National Indemnity Company
Phone: (800) 356-5750
Fax: (402) 916-3031
Email: "claims [at] nationalindemnity [dot] com" claims [at] nationalindemnity [dot] com
Mail: PO Box 31361, Omaha, NE 68131-0361

National Insurance Program
Phone: (800) 787-2851
Fax: (877) 784-5329

National Interstate Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 929-0870
Fax: (330) 659-8909
Email: "newclaims [at] natl [dot] com " newclaims [at] natl [dot] com

National Liability & Fire Insurance
Phone: 201-368-8055
Fax: 201-368-8690

National Transportation Adjustors
Phone: 480-659-5306
Fax: 480-659-5365
Email: "NewClaim [at] ntai [dot] org" NewClaim [at] ntai [dot] org

National Union Fire Insurance Company
Phone: (866)642-5246

Phone: (888)567-7285
Commercial Claims Email: "newcommercialclaims [at] nbis [dot] com" newcommercialclaims [at] nbis [dot] com
Residential Claims Email: "newclaims [at] nbis [dot] com " newclaims [at] nbis [dot] com

New Jersey Schools Insurance Group (NJSIG)
Phone: (609)386-6060
Fax: (609)386-2188
Email: "froi [at] njsig [dot] org" froi [at] njsig [dot] org
WC Claims- Handled by QualCare
Phone: (800)425-3222
E&O Claims- Handled by Summit Risk Services
Follow Up Phone: (215)443-3561
Phone: (215)443-3596
Email: "NJSIGCLAIM [at] SUMMITRISK [dot] com" NJSIGCLAIM [at] SUMMITRISK [dot] com

Phone: (609) 883-1300
Toll Free: 800-367-6564
Fax: 609-671-9258

NJ Ins Underwriter
Phone: (973) 622-3838
Fax: (973) 297-5032


Phone: (856) 722-0030
Must have VIN # to see which carrier policy has been assigned too.

New Jersey Skylands Insurance/ One Beacon
Phone: (877) 365-8693
Fax: (877) 852-0220
24 hour line: (877) 365-8693

New York State Insurance Fund
Phone: (888) 875-5790
Fax: (212) 587-3025

Norfolk & Dedham Group
First reports FAX: (866) 704-9778
Fax: (781) 329-1818
24 hour: (800) 688-1825
Glass Claims: (800) 282-1123
WC Claims Phone (877)262-5712
Preferred w/c providers:
WC Claims Phone: (877)458-2312
WC Fax: (877)458-3557
WC Inquiry:
Medical Only: (800)962-3138
Lost Time: (800)346-1129

Northfield Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 328-5972
Fax: (800) 251-7704 or (651)310-4949
24-hour line: (800) 328-5972
Email: "nccc [at] northlandins [dot] com " nccc [at] northlandins [dot] com

NY Marine & General Insurance Company (Prosight)
Phone: (800) 774-2755
Fax: (800)326-2864
Email: "claims [at] prosightspecialty [dot] com " claims [at] prosightspecialty [dot] com

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Phone: 866 969 3899 (policies beginning w/BA)
or 888 389 0598
Fax: 919-831-8163
24 Hour claim reporting line: 866-969-3899
"new [dot] loss [at] iatinsurance [dot] com " new [dot] loss [at] iatinsurance [dot] com

Ohio Casualty Insurance Company/ Peerless

Peerless-24 hours Phone: (800) 522-7152
24-hour line: (866) 255-5530
Fax: (866) 282-5399

OneBeacon Insurance Company
Phone: (866) 279-7688
Fax: (888) 299-5942
24 hour line: (877) 248-3455

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Palisades/Plymouth Rock
Phone: (800) 437-3535
Fax (908) 790-7856
Fax Tow Bills (800)517-0538

Phone: (800)522-7152
Fax: (877)321-9885
"peerlessnewloss [at] peerless-ins [dot] com" peerlessnewloss [at] peerless-ins [dot] com

PSG – Partner Specialty

Phone: (973)825-7672
Fax: (973)593-0137

Phone: 800-269-1409
Fax: (215) 627-8871
"claims [at] contributionship [dot] com" claims [at] contributionship [dot] com

Penn National / Founders Insurance Company
Customer Service Phone: (800)766-2245
Fax: (866)523-0583 – NJ claims only
E-mail: "clmmail [at] pnat [dot] com" clmmail [at] pnat [dot] com – Any claim

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 765-9749
Fax: (800) 685-9238

Philadelphia Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 765-9749
Fax: (800) 685-9238

Phone: 1st Reports NJ (800) 848-1777 including w/c
Fax: (201) 368-8690

Preferred Mutual
Phone: (800) 333-7642
Email: "claims [at] preferredmutual [dot] com" claims [at] preferredmutual [dot] com

Phone: (201) 291-2000
Fax: (888) 291-6262

Prime Property & Casualty Insurance

Phone: (877) 585-2849
Fax: (877) 452-6909

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company (DO NO FAX 1st reports)
First Reports- 888-502-8330
24-hour line: (800) 925-2886
Glass Claims: 800-287-5078

First Reports- Fax- 800-326-2864
1-800-774-2755 Press 1 to report a claim Press 3 to inquire about a claim
Email: "claims [at] prosightspecialty [dot] com" claims [at] prosightspecialty [dot] com

Providence Mutual Fire Insurance
Phone- (877)763-1800
Fax- (401)822-1921

Public Service Mutual
Phone: (212)591-9313
"claims [at] mcarta [dot] com" claims [at] mcarta [dot] com

Pump Programs
Phone: (866)391-9675
Fax: (866)336-6787
"ThePumpPrograms [at] yorkrsg [dot] com" ThePumpPrograms [at] yorkrsg [dot] com
Client Code for QBE Pump Program: 5311
*See Willis


Phone: (877)308-5143
Fax: (615)541-4171
First Report e-mail: "qbeclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com" qbeclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com

Phone: (800)425-3222

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Risk Placement Services- CM&M / RPS Ins.
Phone: (844)777-8323
Fax: Claims (844)777-6267
Email: "rps_claims [at] rpsins [dot] com " rps_claims [at] rpsins [dot] com

RLI Insurance
Transportation Claims:
Email (preferred): "Tran [dot] Claim [at] rlicorp [dot] com" Tran [dot] Claim [at] rlicorp [dot] com
Fax: 866-328-0833
Phone: 888-754-4221
Non-Business Hours Emergency Phone: 800-621-5410
All Other Claims:
Email (preferred): "new [dot] claim [at] rlicorp [dot] com" new [dot] claim [at] rlicorp [dot] com
Fax: 866-692-6796
Phone: 800-444-0406

Rochdale Insurance Company
Phone: (866) 272-9267
Fax: (877) 669-9140
Follow up phone: (888)239-3909
Email: "amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com" amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com

RSUI Indemnity Company (RSUI Group/ Landmark American)

Phone: 800-818-5619
Fax: (404) 231-3755
Email: "reportclaims [at] rsui [dot] com" reportclaims [at] rsui [dot] com

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Phone: (800) 332-3226
Fax: (866) 378-3661

Scobie Group
Phone: (800)444-4824
Email: "claims [at] rwscobie [dot] com" claims [at] rwscobie [dot] com
WC Claims with Chubb/UBI Trucking
Phone: 888-467-9675- REPORT
Phone: 866-391-9675- Follow up
Fax: 866-695-3651
Email: "york [at] mcmcllc [dot] com" york [at] mcmcllc [dot] com
Client Code: 4850

Phone: 800-423-7675
Fax: (480)483-6752
Email: "SICReportALoss [at] Scottsdaleins [dot] com" SICReportALoss [at] Scottsdaleins [dot] com
**If policy is w/RPS – report to RPS**

Selective Insurance
Phone: (866)455-9969
Fax: (877)352-6541
Selective Flood: 877 348 0552

Smith, Bell, and Thompson
Phone: 802-658-4600
Fax: (802) 658-6191

Specialty Insurance Agency
Phone: 732-701-8900
Email first reports: "newclaim [at] specialtyagency [dot] com" newclaim [at] specialtyagency [dot] com

Star Indemnity

Handled thru NAR
Phone: (800)315-6090
Fax: (866)261-8507
Email: "reportaclaim [at] narisk [dot] com" reportaclaim [at] narisk [dot] com

State National

Phone: (800)398-6465
Fax: (816)943-1149
If handled through Appalachian:
Phone: (888) 376-9633 or (866) 984-3316
Fax: (866) 915-6917
W/C-Phone: (866) 897-2143-through Praetorian
If handled through US Administer
Phone: (866)984-3316
Fax: (866)647-0620
If handled through TUMI – Trinity Intermodal
"tumiclaims [at] athensadmin [dot] com" tumiclaims [at] athensadmin [dot] com
Phone: (888) 462-9627
Claim Follow Up: (800) 677-7896
Fax: (916) 384-0965

State Street Claims (TCS)
Phone: (516) 433-7072
Fax: (516) 433-7255

Swett & Crawford
Phone: (207) 774-3857 or (800) 492-0762
Fax: 207-772-3528
Florida office: Phone: (800) 874-8053
Fax: (904)363-8097

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TCS (State Street Claims)
Phone: (516) 433-7072- Scott Stedman will be the adj for all claims
Fax: (516) 433-7255
"newloss [at] statestreetclaims [dot] com" newloss [at] statestreetclaims [dot] com

Technology Insurance Company/Amtrust NA
Phone: (866)272-9267
Fax: (877)669-9140
Main # for follow ups: (888)239-3909 option 0
First Reports: "Amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com" Amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com
Florida Only:
Phone: (888) 225-2442
Fax: (561)241-3257
First Reports: "Amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com" Amtrustclaims [at] qrm-inc [dot] com

The Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 832-7839
Fax: (888) 329-8734
*See Travelers

The Cincinnati Insurance Company
Phone: (877)-242-2544
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 145496
Cincinnati, OH 45250-5496

The Princeton Agency
Phone: (866) 272-9267
Fax: (877) 669-9140

The Travelers Indemnity Company
Travelers Indemnity Company of CT

Phone: (800) 832-7839
Fax: (888) 329-8734
Flood Phone: (800)505-0193
WC Provider’s List:

Tower Group Companies
Claims First Report Phone Line:
(888) 856-5522
Claims First Report Fax:
(888) 291-6262
Claims General Inquiry:
(888) 856-5522 or "twrclaims [at] twrgrp [dot] com" twrclaims [at] twrgrp [dot] com


Phone: (800) 474-2526
Occ/acc fax: (630) 864-3582
w/c fax: (630) 864-3583
PD/non trucking liability- Phone: (800) 237-0062
Fax: (630) 864-3581

Tri State General
Phone: (800) 556-7894
Fax: (410)219-7918

Twin Light

Phone: (877) 894-6467
Fax: (908) 219-5060

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United Fire
Phone: (800) 223-0534
Fax: (888)514-9190
Email: "NewClaims [at] UnitedFireGroup [dot] com" NewClaims [at] UnitedFireGroup [dot] com
Mailing Address: United Fire Group, PO Box 73909, Cedar Rapids, IA 52407-3909

Phone: (800) 787-2851
Fax: (888) 329-8734
*See Travelers

U.S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co.
Phone: (800) 832-7839
Fax: (888) 329-8734
*See Travelers

Phone: (888)875-5231
Fax: (610)687-9398
Or report to: "newlosses [at] usli [dot] com" newlosses [at] usli [dot] com

US & Overseas

Phone: (908)964-5950
Fax: (908)964-9487

Utica National Insurance Group
Phone: (800)216-1420
First Report – "claimsnewreport [at] uticanational [dot] com" claimsnewreport [at] uticanational [dot] com

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Phone: 888.333.8198
Fax: 323.954.5330
Email: "KMISclaims [at] knightcompany [dot] com" KMISclaims [at] knightcompany [dot] com
Mailing address: 4751 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 111, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Vigilant Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 252-4670
Fax: (800) 300-2538
24-hour line: (800) 252-4670
*See Chubb

W back to top

Wells Fargo Insurance Services
See Commerce & Industry Ins Co.

Wesco Insurance Company
See Amtrust

Western World
Phone: (888) 847-8600

Claims handled by York for PUMP Program
Phone: (866) 391-9675
Fax: (866)336-6787
Email: "ThePumpPrograms [at] yorkrsg [dot] com" ThePumpPrograms [at] yorkrsg [dot] com
To expedite the handling of your newly reported loss, please be sure to include
your YORK Client Code 5311 for QBE PUMP Program with each new loss

Claims handled by York for WasteHaulerGuard
Phone: (866)391-9675
Fax: (800)973-3942
Email: "wastehaulerguard [at] yorkrsg [dot] com" wastehaulerguard [at] yorkrsg [dot] com
York Claims Service, Inc.
99 Cherry Hill Rd., Ste. 102
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Client Code 3286gre

Wright Flood
Phone: (800)725-9472
Fax: (877)270-4329


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Zurich Life
Phone: (800) 987-3373
Fax: (719) 262-2166